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Training Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or you’re new to fitness, here you will find workout tips to take your training to the next level, helping you to…. Read More

Food And Drink

We know that to build the body we want, the big arms & legs, the rock-hard abs etc, that we need to make every bite of food we eat count. We look at various ideas… Read More

Your Body

The body is a complex molecular composition of water, protein & fats. We observe the body to see how it works & ways we can protect against injuries… Read More

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Each month we hold an online competition, called ‘FREE Prize Giveaway‘. It’s free to enter and is for Gym Family members . So, remember to register… Enter Now

Rugby Players News

Gym Family is a place for rugby players to read the latest training news from the professionals, and to meet & chat with other players. register now… Coming April

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Gym Workouts For Women

Gyms can be intimidating, even in small friendly venues, full of men throwing weights around! we discuss ‘What Women Want… Coming Soon

Mens Health

Even the fittest amongst us can become ill. We discuss key health issues that occur in men, & the measures they can take to spot symptoms… Coming Soon

Gym Family Baby’s

We ask parents questions about children and training, How they plan childcare & Should gyms offer supervision? & other intriguing questions… Coming Soon

About Gym Family

Gym Family is a Christian gym wear business and social media platform, designed for Christian fitness enthusiasts from all sports, rugby, MMA etc… Read More


If you have Christian products, gym services, memberships or vacancies, that you wish to promote, contact us for ‘How To Advertise’ on our websites … Read More

Gym Family Franchise

We’re expanding our Gym Family-Gym Wear e-commerce Franchise, If your considering self employment, contact us for details regarding opportunities… Read More

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