Christian Athletics Competition

Christian Men United‘ a Christian mens athletic competition, ran by Elim sports Church, are organising, implementing and managing the Invincible Games an athletics tournament, to be held annually at Staffordshire Show ground. These games allow Christian men to use their God given skills, in a wide range of sporting roles, either by taking part in the games or by supporting the athletes…Read More


To Tired To Fight

Work was a real chore today.

It was as if all the joyful components had been removed, leaving me with the acute sense that this is ‘hard work’.

At first I considered the early hour to be the rationale for my uncomfortableness, yet I have functioned admirably on many occasions in this time zone.

 So, how can this be? how can one day be so unlike. . .Read More

A Fathers Love

Im sat consuming a coffee and a little piece of chocolate in a busy deli-eatery. The chocolate I am consuming is an easter egg reduced to half-price by a shop who’s marketing strategy failed to maximise revenue from the crucifixion.

There is a young boy, no older than 6 years of age sat at a table close to where I am located. He is sat with. . .Read More