Gym Lifting Straps

Gym Lifting Straps

Product Information

Colour: black:

Material: 100% Heavy Duty thick cotton

Weight lifting wrist supports & Straps: for bodybuilding, power lifting or Crossfit style training.

  • made from 100% Heavy Duty thick cotton with Soft Durable neoprene padding for extra comfort
  • Easy to use – simply wrap around the wrist & bar (all gym managers/trainers will be able to assist)
  • Extended length 21inches, help to support the wrist and fingers aiding weight increase to build leaner muscle and increasing strength
  • Wrist straps & wraps help to reduce injuries by providing extra support to wrists, fingers and forearms when lifting heavy weights.
  • Ideal for deadlifts, single arm rows, pull ups, crossfit exercises and all weight lifting training.

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