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Here you will find conversations about training, supplements and much more, including links too: wrist supports, wrist straps, and fantastic embroidered weight lifting belts and clothing accessories.

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Wear Yours With Pride

Gym Family-Gym Wear allows Christian bodybuilders and weight lifting sportsmen to identify with other Christian gym athletes. Wear your wrist wraps, gym belts with pride, knowing thousands of Christian bodybuilders in weight lifting gear, will also be wearing theirs, as they train for personal bests and to compete.

Athletic Events

Also, Gym Family organises Christian athletic events for Christian men, which is a great way to compete for medals, meet other Christian athletes and socialise. We are planning to kick-start our plans, now pandemic restrictions are being lifted, so, wether your an athlete or a spectator your welcome to participate or help out behind the scenes, in the many roles available. Contact us for more details.

For more info or to contact ourselves, visit Elim Sports Church, for details regarding athletic competitions and additional mens events.

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[Sticky] Social Media Code Of Conduct

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What You Should Do:

- Protect Yourself: Be careful about what personal information you share online.

- Act responsibly and ethically: When participating in online communities, do not misrepresent yourself. If you’re not a professional sports person, don’t say you are.

- Honour Our Differences: Gym Family will not tolerate discrimination (including age, sex, race, colour, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability, or marital status or any other legally recognised protected basis under government, or local laws, regulations or ordinances).


What You Should Never Disclose:

- Personal Information: Never share personal information other than what is displayed on your forum profile.

- Legal Information: Anything to do with a legal issue, legal case, without first checking with Gym Family Admin.

- Anything that belongs to someone else: Let them post their own stuff; you stick to posting your own thoughts and ideas. This includes illegal music sharing, copyrighted publications, and all logos or other images that are trademarked.

- Confidential Information: Do not publish, post, or release information that is considered confidential or top secret.


Basically, if you find yourself wondering if you can talk about something you know or have learned  -- Don’t. . .

Post comments and topics you know will be readable by all people and will not bring offence.


Follow Gym Family policies and act within the company’s values. They’re there for a reason.

Just in case you are forgetful or ignore the guidelines above, remember, Gym Family reserve the right to terminate and permanently block users who fail to uphold due courtesy to all members.

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